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//Training 2G + 3G + 4G

Training 2G + 3G + 4G

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Resource Strategic Plan for Optimization Project

Training Description
This training presents how to offer Network Optimization Services from commercial point of view, how to scope and price services. The offered network optimization service is the composition of activities, which will ensure the ongoing monitoring of the network performance, the analysis of problem areas, the definition and planning of immediate actions, the determination and reporting of dependencies for further growth and the introduction of new services and features in order to increase and stabilize the network performance under the circumstances of a fast growing network. Pricing structure depends on market and competitor situation.

Training Objectives

At the end of this workshop, participant will be able to :

  • Identify to structure the roles and responsibility of project team member
  • Define the key elements needed to measure and report on project scope, schedule and activity cost
  • Identify the resource needs of the project and develop a cost baseline
  • Scope of work of network optimization service in general
  • Project risk and how to convert into nominal value
  • KPI overview and impact of costing
[box type=”info” style=”rounded”Training Duration  : 2 Days[/box]

Syllabus :
Network Optimization – Basis

  • Short overview on service portfolio
  • Organization and Resources, Strategies
  • Roles and responsibility of project team member


  • Project Scope, Content and Deliverables
  • Detailed Service Items

Costing Guidelines

  • Elements of cost calculation for projects
  • Cost types associated with the service

Cost Calculation Methods
Service specific tools
Case Studies
Project Simulation

  • 2G & 3G Drivetest Simulation
  • RF Planning Simulation

Costing in Actual Project

  • Share of Responsibility
  • Convert Project Risk to nominal value
  • KPI overview and impact of costing

Pricing Strategy Overview
Case Studies


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