MapBasic Application

//MapBasic Application

MapBasic Application

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Muhammad Hapro Rimeka


Day 1

  • Map Basic Introduction
  • 1st Case: Create cell sector on MapInfo
  • 2nd Case: create dominant area with voronoi
  • 3rd Case: Automatic BSC/RNC border with voronoi
  • 4th Case: Reading external data: text, csv, mdb file and MySQL database
  • 5th Case : GSM Frequency Checker.
  • 6th Case : Thematic KPI on dominant area

Day 2

  • 7th Case : Adjacencies visualization on MapInfo
  • 8th Case : Automatic Neighbor plan with distance and theta consideration
  • 9th Case : missing Neighbor detection based on geographical and Interference Matrix.
  • 10th Case : Timing Advance and PRACH delay¬† visualization on MapInfo
  • 11th Case : Downtilt Calculator visualization


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