2G & 3G Network Capacity Optimization

//2G & 3G Network Capacity Optimization

2G & 3G Network Capacity Optimization

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Training Description
Capacity is the most issue in Network Planning and Optimization activities. Capacity problem impact Network KPI mostly in accessibility, give contribution in retainability degradation (ex. increasing drops) and integrity degradation (ex. low throughput). This training will give detail explanation to design capacity both in 2G & 3G networks in three main area : Radio, Transport and Core Network, also explain strategy to handle future traffic increment and traffic mobility.

Trainer :
Windu Jati
2G & 3G Experts

Traffic Theory
Erlang B & Erlang C
QoS and GOS
Utilization and Occupancy Concept
Busy Hour and Busy Day Concept

Radio Capacity Management
2G Radio Capacity & Dimensioning :

  • Control Channel
  • Traffic Channel
  • TCH Channel
  • SDCCH Channel
  • PDCH Channel for GPRS/EDGE
  • PCH Load and LACĀ  Dimensioning
  • BSC Load

3G Radio Capacity & Dimensioning :

  • Power
  • Channel Element
  • Code
  • RNC Load

Transport Capacity & Dimensioning :

  • Abis Dimensioning
  • Iub, IuCS, IuPS and Iur
  • Abis over IP and IP Transport

Core Capacity Management
CS Core Network Dimensioning :

  • Average Circuit Group (CGR) Utilization
  • Signalling Link Load
  • VLR Load
  • HLR Load

PS Core Network Dimensioning :

  • SGSN Load
  • GGSN Load
  • Inter-GSN Traffic
  • DNS Load
  • DHCP Load
  • Firewall Load
  • Border Gateway Load
  • Charging Gateway Load
  • Core LAN Switch Load

Traffic Prediction and Forecasting
Capacity Overload Handling & Mitigation Plan


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